New Overseas Jobs: No Placement Fee, Approved Job Orders & Interview Schedule!

Smart Filipino jobseekers who want to work abroad fast are always on the lookout for overseas job listings with the following keywords: overseas jobs with no placement fee, overseas jobs with POEA-approved job orders and those with urgent interview schedules.

The three job categories mentioned above formed the elements that would guarantee immediate job placement of applicants. Another tip for Filipino jobseekers that wants to get hired for an overseas job as soon as possible is to ready important documents such as a valid passport, employment certificates and school credentials.

So if you want to get hired as soon as possible, check out some of the latest job openings for Filipino workers in counties such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Caledonia.

Note: Please click the job positions below to view complete job details and to send an online application. Feel free to share the links to family and friends who you think is qualified for the positions.

Final Interview is on October 2011!

Principal/Project:      Catering Services Company in PNG
Proposed Salary:      USD5,000.00 net / month

Interview Schedule: October 13 – October 14 2011

Interview Schedule: October 3 – October 6 2011

Interview Schedule: October 3 – October 6 2011

Interview Schedule: October 1 – October 2 2011

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