Sacred Heart International Services

Sacred Heart International Services (SHIS) Inc. is a recruitment agency licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and authorized to recruit quality, experienced and highly qualified Filipino workers and professionals for employment worldwide.

From its humble beginnings and strong commitment to service, SHIS Inc. was able to establish its rightful place in the industry of manpower development and export.

Within the few months of its operation, the company successfully forged business partnership with various foreign entities and the company slowly but surely emerged as a major player in the country’s recruitment industry

SHIS Inc, thrives in providing services and dealing with clients from the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Middle East countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore while exploring other means to improve its role in sending globally competitive Filipino workers to other parts of the world.

In support of the Government’s thrust of providing better opportunities to every Filipino, Sacred Heart International Services, Inc. commits itself along this noble objective.

SHIS Inc. shall strive towards better living and employment opportunities for Filipinos wishing to explore other possibilities overseas.

It shall maintain and promote a high standard and quality service particularly to the demands of global manpower landscape within the realm of values, trust and professionalism.

Recruitment and deployment of both skilled and unskilled workers has remained as their strength and area of expertise.

Significantly, they have also become very successful in the recruitment of Filipino healthcare professionals particularly registered nurses with CGFNS and NCLEX certificates and are now part of the growing Filipino workforce in United States, Europe and Asia.

They also provide recruitment services which means placing advertisements in major Philippine newspapers and internet job websites, collate all applications, conduct initial interviews, verify work experience and establish a database of applicants whose qualifications coincide with the clients’ requirements.

They strive to provide their clients with workers who qualify with their requirements and deploy them with the timetable set by our clients. We are highly computerized and our staff is very efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of manpower recruitment

This policy does not in any way compromise the company’s mission to help Filipinos realize and pursue a dream for a better life. It is a policy anchored on true service to all concerned.

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