Almost all Filipinos look at working abroad as the ultimate way to guarantee a secure future. It is natural to expect that people do it with specific goals that they wish to accomplish after several years.

However, this major leap in one’s life is anything but easy. Oftentimes, OFWs find themselves faced with great life and work challenges in an unfamiliar environment. The good news is that is ready to help you prepare for your new life abroad.

Read on and learn basic ways to overcome culture shock. The following is an excerpt from WorkAbroad’s latest book:

Research. Read about your country of destination. You can read guidebooks or search the Internet for useful information. You can also interview friends or former OFWs who have been to the country where you will work. Learning some basic words in the language of your host country will aid you in communicating with the locals.

Get along. As the saying goes, “When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do.” You will be the one to adjust to the local people and environment.

Show Respect. Leave your narrow-mindedness behind. Not everything that you deemed right or acceptable is still the norm in other countries. Showing respect is a must. Don’t ridicule or frown upon local customs, dress, or beliefs.

Show Interest. This is the best time to learn about the culture of your host country. Make an effort to learn their language. Discover the reasons behind their beliefs and traditions. Doing this will make you understand and appreciate their unique culture.

Bridge the Gap. Forget about the differences and focus on the similarities of your host country with the Philippines. It is impossible not to discover anything in common with the Philippine culture.

Know the Rules. They say that it is important that you read directions even if you don’t follow them. Know the rules and strive to follow it at all times. It is terrible to be involved in a mishap and be punished in a strange land.

Look at the Bright Side. You are not going to stay in that country forever. Don’t waste the time and opportunity to get to know and discover it. Look at it as a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.

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