The NBI clearance is one of the documents most companies and recruitment agencies ask from applicants. It contains any criminal records committed by an applicant. Getting one is fairly easy especially if your records are squeaky clean.

  • Two valid IDs for authentication. Vald ID’s are: Voter’s I.D., Postal I.D., SSS I.D, GSIS I.D., PRC License, Driver’s License, School I.D., Passport, ACR (for aliens), Senior Citizen I.D. and Philhealth I.D.
  • Original copy of your previous NBI Clearance for renewal Steps
Step 1: Payment:

Purpose of Application
  1. Naturalization, Cancellation of ACR, Repatriation- P415.00
  1. Change of Name, Business License, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm- P165.00
  1. Travel Abroad, Immigration Req., Visa Seaman, Marriage Requirement -P115.00
  1. Local Employment, Customs Pass, Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Req., ID Purposes and Other Requirement- P115.00
Step 2: Processing Verification of the data you indicated

Step 3: Quick Search Your name will be checked for any similar name against our Database

Step 4: Image Capture Your photograph will be taken whether yu are applying for the first time or renew your clearance

Step 5: Finger Printing Your name will be checked for any similar name against our Database

Step 6: Registration You will be informed of the schedule of release of your clearance certificate. Proceed to the Releasing Window
  • No Hit
Step 7: Releasing

  • In case with a Hit
Record Checking

  • Without Derogatory record
  • Data Entry
  • Releasing
  • With Derogatory Record
  • Quality Control
  • Data Entry
  • Releasing
If you have no namesake, your clearance certificate will be released at the Releasing Counter on the same date of application. Present your Official Receipt for the printing of the certificate. This is also true in all NBI Offices, be it regional, district or satellite.

At the NBI Clearance Center at Victory Central Mall, Caloocan City, if you have namesake, you will be advised to return after three (3) days to either claim your NBI clearance certificate or be interviewed at the Quality Control. In other NBI offices, you will be advised to return after seven (7) working days or a maximum of ten (10) working days.

NBI Clearance Fees The price varies depending on the purpose of an NBI clearance

NBI Clearance Price Table
Naturalization, Cancellation on ACR Repatriation
Php 415
Change of Name, Business License,NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm.
Php 165
Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC for RTO, Marriage Requirement.
Php 115
Local Employment, Customs Pass ID Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and Other Requirement.
Php 115

Where can you get an NBI Clearance?
  • NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000
  • Quezon City **
  • Pasig City **
  • Muntinlupa City **
  • Mandaluyong City
  • Las Pinas City
  • Caloocan City
  • Los Banos Municipal Hall
  • Valenzuela City
  • Marilao, Bulacan
  • Taytay Municipal Hall
  • POEA * Installed with computers. Releases NO HIT clearances applied on the same day. For provinces click here:
Getting an NBI Clearance While Abroad- You can visit the nearest Philippine Consulate Office and asked for a Fingerprint Card Form.
  • Fingerprint Card Form- fill up the personal data called for on both sides of this card truthfully and legibly.
  • Request the assistance/endorsement of the nearest Philippines Consulate Office for the police agency in your locality to have your fingerprints impressed (ROLLED IMPRESSION) on the appropriate spaces. The officer/person who fingerprinted you should sign his name state his official designation on the space provided for the purpose in the card.
  • In case you are a married woman, the order of writing your name is as follows: c.1) Your maiden surname (father’s surname). c.2) Your husband’s surname. c.3) Your first name or given name. c.4) Your maternal surname (family name of your mother)
  • Attach a latest copy of your 2”x2” photograph (white background), taken within three (3) months before this application at the appropriate box in the fingerprint card form. Upon completion of this requirements, please send back the form to this address: NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000 and enclose Money Order in the sum of Php 200.00 or any currency/bankdraft of its equivalent which is negotiable in the Philippines payable to the Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines.
  • NBI will mail back to you the corresponding clearance certificate after we have processed your application papers. Upon receipt of your clearance certificate, please examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its lower left portion, the clearance is invalid without it. Also, you must affix your clear and properly taken THUMBPRINT on the space provided for it in the clearance certificate before submitting it to your end-user, otherwise, your clearance will be subjected for further verification/authentication and will cause the delay of your immigration requirements.
For more information visit National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) Website or call them at 523-8231 to 38

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