Filipino workers who are able to get a job by applying directly to the foreign worker is called name-hired workers. Name-hired workers are exempted from placement fees but they still need to go to POEA to be registered as legal OFWs. The registration procedure for name-hired workers are provided below:

Where to go: Registration wil be done at the Name Hire Assistance Division, Landbased Center, 2nd Floor of the POEA main office.

1) Go to the name-hire assistance division of POEA and submit required documents for evaluation
2) If the requirements you submitted are complete and correct, you will be given the following:
-Referral for a medical exam in a DOH-accredited medical clinic (the OFW has the freedom to choose the DOH clinic to go to)
-Referral for PDOS at the POEA Workers Education Division
-OFW Information Sheet to be filled-out
-Submitted documents will be returned with a checklist/claim stub of requirements.

Note: Those with incomplete requirements will receive a checklist of further requirements they need to submit. Please return to the Name Hire Assistance Division upon completion of requirements.

Provide photocopies of submitted requirements and wait for the release of the registration form and assessment of fees.

Pay the amount required and wait for your e-receipt to be issued. The e-receipt is also your POEA travel exit clearance.


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