Rosauro Lorico or Rolly as friends call him used to work for a telecommunication company in the Philippines. He said that his earnings are enough to support his daily needs, but wanted to broaden his horizon and to experience mingling with people of different nationalities so he decided to work abroad. Aside from that he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of earning even more.

His first host country is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He worked there for two years but said that he did not get the professional and financial growth he is aiming for so he searched for a new job in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Fortunately, in 2006, he was hired as a Project Accountant for a construction company in Dubai, UAE. After one year, the company was badly hit by the global economic recession so he had to look for another job again. An American company in Dubai offered him a job as a Senior Accountant and this is where he is currently working.

As an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), Rolly knows fully well that working overseas is not for the faint hearted. According to him, his first job in the construction company is so stressful because the department head is always angry and shouting. He said that every time he goes to work, he always feel his heart beat faster.

Rolly is able to survive because he relied on God’s protection and guidance. Though working overseas is far from easy, Rolly was able to overcome the challenges and it had made him stronger. He learned how to stand firm in times of trials and to deal with different kinds of people. He learned to trust in God, to surrender to him all the difficulties of the moment and to pray for others.

In Dubai, he also discovered a new sport which is scuba diving. In fact he is part of the Filipino Scuba Divers Club (FSDC). As a diver, he gets to visit different diving sites and have fun. He is grateful for these activities as it greatly helped him deal with the stress that he experienced at work.

To his fellow OFWs who are also having a hard time in their workplaces, Rolly said that they should always put God first in their lives and He will surely help them overcome all problems. Rolly also said that blessings will follow those who love him diligently and that God will give you the desire of your heart.

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