Choosing the the right OFW Roaming sim pack between Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular.

There are lots of OFW Sim Pack that can be bought anywhere in the Philippines at a very cheap price before leaving.

What is on your mind is considering your destination, right? You don't need to consider that thing, what you should do is to consider the people who will always text you, for example if you are going in Saudi Arabia and you choose to bring Globe OFW Roaming Sim and your love-ones in the Philippines is using Globe also, it will be an advantage to your love-ones because they can use their unlimited text to you, same thing in using a Smart Roaming Sim when most of your relatives are also Smart Sim Pack.

After considering the Sim Pack of your relatives or wife or husband who will be staying in Philippines, the next important thing to do is to know what is the Partner Sim Pack (Local Sim) for this relatives in the country where you are going to work.

For example, assuming that you are going to Saudi Arabia and your husband/wife in the Philippines is using Globe, what you need to buy when you arrive in Saudi is "Mobily" Sim Pack, Mobily and Globe are Partner Telecom provider. If your husband/wife in the Philippines is using Smart Sim Pack what you need to buy when you arrive in Saudi Arabia is "SAWA" Sim Pack. This will help you save some money when you are sending text messages to the Philippines. In Mobily to Globe the text messaging charge is 0.30 Saudi Riyal and if Mobily to Smart the charge will be 0.50 Saudi Riyal.

Aside from Roaming Sim, the BETTER thing to do is to bring a Laptop, there will be internet in your destination for sure.

The BEST thing to do which I think only 10% of OFW do, is to bring a 3G with Wi-Fi Mobile Phone with you (Wifi is not necessary but it will be better than buying internet bundles which is also cheap), make sure that MobileVoIP Application (or Fring) is installed in your Smartphone.

After having the MobileVoIP, make an account at, do not forget your username and password, you can buy credits for your Jumblo Account online or in internet cafes. when you are go to internet shops,asked first if they reload Jumblo, you give your Jumblo username and password so they can buy credits online using their credit card. After that, you can now make telephone calls to any person you know around the world in very cheap prices. Some countries are also free, you can check for the charges and free phone call destinations.

Before, when I was not still aware of this MobileVoIP, I used to call from my "Mobily" Sim Pact to the Philippines which is very costly. I spend 250 to 300 Saudi Riyal in my monthly call expenses, 10 Saudi Riyal credit load can only last for about 15 minutes of call which is very short.

After knowing this MobileVoIP, which saves me big amount of money, 1 Saudi Riyal using MobileVoIP can last up to 20 to 30 minutes call to the Philippines which is very cheap compared to the regular call.

You might think, I already have a laptop and I can chat or call through Yahoo Messenger, Skype or other similar applications. You are thinking of this right? Believe it or not most OFW's with internet connections in their laptop still prefer to call via telephone after they chat. We Filipinos are very affectionate, we are not just contented in using chat or video chat, we still prefer to say "I LOVE YOU" in a sweet manner via telephone call.

The advantage of this MobileVoIP is that even when you are walking or traveling, you can manage to call your relatives in their Local Sim Number, unlike when you are using your laptop which you cannot used while walking or driving (not recommended).

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