The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is the central government authority under the Department of Labor and Employment in charge of regulating the employment of Filipino workers and professionals overseas. The POEA likewise administers a host of services to promote and facilitate the employment of qualified Filipino manpower in many parts of the globe. As a public employment service institution, it maintains an in-house recruitment and job placement facility known as the Government Placement Branch or GPB.

The GPB serves as an alternative facility in the hiring of Filipinos for overseas employment. It boasts of years of experience dating back to the 70’s in the recruitment and placement services primarily for foreign governments and select non-government employers. It has deployed thousands of top-caliber professionals and workers to construction, production and service industries of countries in the Middle East, Asia, United States and Europe.

Advantages of applying to POEA for an overseas job

1. No placement fee
2. Employers/workers are closely monitored to avoid incidence of welfare / legal cases
3. Provision of Employee Guarantee Trust Fund
4. Processing cycle time is kept at a minimum to meet deployment date

Employment Guarantee Trust Fund

The Employment Guarantee Trust Fund is established for all workers hired on a government-to-government arrangement for the purpose of covering monetary claims of workers that may arise from breach of contractual obligations of employers.
How applicants from provinces can avail of the in-house recruitment program of POEA-GPB
All regional applicants should apply thru the Regional Labor Center / Office where applications are pooled and forwarded to the POEA Head Office.

Requirements for landbased worker registration
  • 2 pcs. Pictures 2x2
  • 6 pcs. For MOH-KSA applicants
  • Typewritten Self-made Bio-Data/Resume with detailed job description
  • Certificate of Employment of at least 2 years experience in one position
  • Passport for applicants with overseas experience
  • High School Diploma
  • College Diploma
  • Transcript of Records
  • Valid PRC ID
  • Board License
  • Board Rating
  • OMA Certificate for Muslim applicants (Certification from DFA or Camp Crame)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Training Certificate if applicable ONLY.
(Original copy of the above documents must be presented upon registration)

Submission of requirements for landbased registration

Qualified applicants may submit the requirement for landbased registration at the Manpower Registry Division, Employment Branch or at POEA Regional Centers; Extension Units; and Satellite Offices.
Registration is free.

Sourcing manpower requirements from the POEA registry

Aside from the in-house placement facility of the Administration, private recruitment agency may source their manpower requirements from the POEA registry.

How to secure referral from POEA

Applicants for overseas employment may secure referral from POEA at the
Manpower Registry Division by submitting comprehensive resume, school credentials and other documents that attest to the experience, training and trade or professional certification of the applicant.

Role of the Administration in migrant worker education

In accordance with the policy of full disclosure, the Administration shall provide a comprehensive and integrated education program on overseas employment in all stages of recruitment and employment in partnership with other relevant organizations and government entities.

Programs implemented by the Administration

The Administration shall conduct a nationwide, multi-media and sustainable grassroots information campaign to create public awareness on the realities of overseas employment.

Changes in Migrant Workers orientation

The POEA is paving the way for an OWWA Membership Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) Program.

Orienting licensed agency representatives and foreign employers

The Administration shall have the responsibility of providing orientation to officials and staff of licensed agencies and foreign employers on the requirements, standards, laws and regulations in the recruitment and employment of Filipino workers.

Contact Information

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
Ground Floor, POEA Building
EDSA cor Ortigas Avenue
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Telephone numbers: 722-11-77; 722-11-76; 722-1175
Fax Number: (632)-727-77-81
E-mail Address:

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