As mandated by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administation

The mandatory insurance covers the following circumstances:

Accidental Death - $15,000.00
This covers the death of a worker that happen on his/her way to or from the work area, on the job or off the job but within the jurisdiction of the worksite.

Natural Death - $10,000.00
This covers the death of a worker due to natural causes such as heart attack, heat stroke, and the like.

Permanent or Total Disablement - $7,500.00
Worker who loss limbs, eye sight, and the like is covered by this clause.

Repatriation Cost
This clause ensures free repatriation of the worker back to the Philippines shall natural or man-made disasters the country of deployment occurs.

Subsistence Allowance - $100.00/month for 6 months
Should the agency-hired OFW get involved in a case or litigation, the employer and/or the recruitment agency must provide him/her $100.00 every month for a maximum of six months.

Compassionate Visit
In cases where the worker needs to be hospitalized for 7 or more consecutive days, the insurance company shall pay for the transportation cost of one family member or requested individual to the major airport closest to the place of hospitalization of the worker.

on (POEA), agency-hired overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) shall be covered by a compulsory insurance for free.
Medical Evacuation
Should the worker get sick and no adequate medical facility is available, he/she must be relocated by the insurance provider under appropriate medical supervision by the mode of transport upon the recommendation of the insurance company’s physician and the consulting physician.

Medical Repatriation

Should the workers needs to be repatriated due to medical reasons as recommended by the insurance company physician and the consulting physician, repatriation under medical supervision to his/her residence shall be shouldered by the insurance provider given that he/she is medically cleared for travel by commercial carrier.    

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