Commonly people will hire a migration agent to process the application to the Australian ImmiAccount ( This is the portal where all document are uploaded or submitted.

Creating your own ImmiAccount is free, all correspondence are done thru the ImmiAccount, just like how regular email works. This is the portal that you will frequently visit during your application.

Note: When you go thru an migration agent, make sure that they are registered in Australia as authorized migration agent.

Here are the list of estimated fees if you apply through an agent:
  • Commencement of agent's services Php 25,000.00
  • Lodgement of skill / qualification assessment Php 35,000.00
  • Lodgement of visa application Php 55,000.00
  • Upon grant of visa Php 45,000.00

    The above are just the agent fees + the DIY cost shown below
You will be saving the above if you do it yourself.

Doing it yourself the estimated cost will be as follows:
  • English language test Php 15,000.00
  • Skill assessment Php 25,000.00
  • Police checks/NBI clearance Php 2,000.00 (per person)
  • Medical examination and X-ray Php 5,000.00 (per person)
  • Visa application (You will be paying this directly to the Australian Authorities (Php 125,000.00 for main applicant and Php 60,000.00 for spouse or every child listed in the application)
Basically the visa application is the most expensive of all.

You don't need to have all that cash money when you intend to apply.
You can start saving (or barrow money from relatives) along the process of your application.

When you successfully migrate to Australia, you can easily pay off your debts.

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